Welcome & Hello

Hello friends,

Why, thanks for stopping by. You may have found this page because you’ve learned about a little rowing adventure I embarked on to raise money for water projects around the world. That was one of my adventures, but not the only one.

Aside from the world-record setting “Row for Water”, there was a “Swim for Water”, “Ride for Water” and many Ironman triathlons to help the cause. Envisioning a world where every single person has access to clean water fuels me, and in the last couple years, I’ve been able to continue pursuing my passion for endurance challenges with ultra running. Completing 100-mile runs has been my latest focus and my last race, with the grace of God, I was able to finish 100 miles in under 20 hours.

Which brings me to today. I am excited to share that my love for water and challenges has led me to the United States Coast Guard. I enlisted last October and next month, I start my next chapter in the Coast Guard - becoming an Officer! In July, I will begin Officer Candidate School at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. It will be a tough 17-weeks of training and stress, but I am eager to earn a commission as an Officer, be part of life-saving missions, and serve our country.

Come back soon for the launch of my next adventure to further raise funds for water projects in 2020. And here’s your hint: it starts at a river and finishes at a lake!