Katie is an accomplished speaker and has inspired and entertained audiences ranging from school children to business professionals. She speaks with honesty, humility, and passion about motivation, goal setting, success, failure, risk-taking, overcoming adversity and holding onto faith, no matter how steep the odds.


Rotary Bangalore South Rtn B.S. Jai Prakash

Ms Katie Spotz addressed Rotarians of District 3190 at the District Conference meeting held on February 9, 2014 at Bangalore, India as a special invitee. More than thousand Rotarians listened to her inspiring talk with rapt attention, totally spellbound after her narration of her incredible  adventures – rowing all by herself for seventy days in a boat crossing the Atlantic Ocean linking the two Americas, cycling across the vast country of USA, a 325- mile river swim and running across deserts. This is all for a noble cause for raising funds to make available  drinking water to the have-not. In India, we call Gandhi as a Mahatma (great soul), we saw in Katie another young Mahatma. She deserves a Nobel Prize for Peace for her noble intention of generating funds to help those yearning for drinking water.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History Robert Bartolotta

Katie Spotz spoke as part of the Explorer Series .We have been inviting speakers to the museum for over 90 years, and Katie was our youngest speaker. Her program Rowing the Atlantic featured all of the stresses and strains of preparing for her epic journey, dealing with mile after mile of the Atlantic Ocean and then the realization that yes she did complete a world record journey solo at a very young age.  You do become part of Katie’s journey. After Katie speaks you know there is much left for her to accomplish in her lifetime.  Brace yourself, Cleveland’s own Katie Spotz is coming to your town and she is bringing the world with her.

Carmel High School Brooke Weekes

The students were really inspired by Katie’s story and are anxious to hear about her upcoming adventures. They took away a message of how hard work, commitment and determination really can make a difference no matter who you are.

Mentor Public Library David Newyear

Katie presented one of the best programs I have seen in the ten years of my professional library experience.  Our audience was captivated not only by her stories and tremendous accomplishments, but also by her commitment and humility.  Katie was tremendously motivational and inspiring. It was an evening that won’t soon be forgotten at Mentor Public Library.

Case Western Reserve University Mayo Bulloch

Katie Spotz spoke at Case Western Reserve University this past Fall to an audience of college students, faculty, and staff, and she managed to reach every single person there.  Her commitment to a goal, her personal self-discipline, and her interest in making this world a better place resonated with all of us.  Her presentation was both informative and inspirational, and after the talk, students lined up to speak to her and to get her autograph.  It was clear that they really enjoyed her talk and wanted to know even more about her.  Katie is a wonderful speaker—with an amazing story to tell!

7th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations Francisco Eguiguren

On August 6th of 2010, Katie Spotz inspired approximately 600 youth leaders from 25 countries at the Seventh Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations. Participants focus on Youth-Led Development toward the success of the Millennium Development Goals. As the program coordinator of this event, I appreciated Katie’s participation. Her eloquent and inspiring words helped me and the rest of the youth that participated in this high caliber seminar. I admire Katie for her altruistic work; she is an example to follow for the youth around the world!

Partners in Science Excellence Ernie Richmann

The story Katie shares in her presentation is a blend of character, commitment, courage, and contribution. Katie’s “don’t give up” attitude turned the impossible to possible. Anyone meeting Katie and listening to her presentation has to feel energized. I believe many students will be encouraged to think about their own dreams and how their actions could help others.

Adults as well as school children need to be reminded to put dreams into action, learn, plan, and never give up as obstacles appear. Katie is a wonderful role model. Students need to believe that they have talents and can accomplish great things. I highly recommend Katie Spotz’s inspirational presentation. This is a no brainer; all audiences will be left in awe and perhaps a few will be encouraged to visualize possibilities for themselves.